Where Are We Growing

S3E11: Re-p-p-p-potting!

January 18, 2023 Where Are We Growing Season 3 Episode 11
Where Are We Growing
S3E11: Re-p-p-p-potting!
Show Notes

Somehow we've gone over 50 episodes without dedicating a single one to repotting?? Seems sus. But we did it for y'all. Plus get our hot takes on the second season of White Lotus, and now you can play the Unofficial, Official WAWG Drinking Game created by Grace aka @greenplantsorangecat!

Take a SHOT when: 

  • Nicole saves Brandon from getting cancelled
  • Producer Cece (or Charlie) makes an appearance
  • Either Brandon or Nicole mentions taking or not taking their meds 

Take a SIP when:

  • Nicole says "ping"
  • Either Nicole or Brandon wheezes
  • Brandon admits to breaking a law
  • Relatable neurodivergent quote
  • Anytime you hope neither of their therapists are listening